Harley Owners Group
( H.O.G. )
Welcome to Augusta Georgia Chapter #3910


Primary and Discretionary Officers
mark j

Mark Jackson - Chapter Director

herman c

Herman Cook - Assistant Director

ruth g

Ruth Garland - Secretary

theresa m

Theresa Miller - Treasurer/Membership

diana h

Diana Hall - HogPen Editor

linda b

Linda Blackston - HogPen Editor


Bill Garland, Jr. - Webmaster

wanetta r

Wanetta Rachels- Activities

Road Captain

Nathan Scott - Road Captain

louie mac

Louie McKelvain - Lead Road Captain

ron r

Ron Robinson - Road Captain

lynn r

Lynn Robinson - Photographer

david m

David Miller - Road Captain/Ambassador

tom h

Tom Hall - Road Captain

jeff d

Jeff Davis - Road Captain

shakey h

Shakey Hurst - Road Captain

herman c

Steve Amster - Road Captain

herman c

Stan Brayton - Road Captain

brinson r

Brinson Rachels - Road Captain

herman c

Sonja Moore - Photographer

herman c

Diann Marum - Ladies of Harley

jeff h

Jeff Hanson - Sponsoring Dealer

peg r

Peg Randall - Ambassador

Other officer's pictures are coming!!